The Struggle || Why We Put On The Armor of God

Pittman, Lauren Wright. A Choice, from Art in the Christian Tradition, a project of the Vanderbilt Divinity Library, Nashville, TN. [retrieved January 20, 2021]. Original source: — copyright by Lauren Wright Pittman.
  • “How to understand power” (first 3:10 for kids, keep going if you’re an adult!)
  • What is power? What are types of power?
  • Is power good or bad? When is power good or bad?
  • What kind of power do you think God likes? Doesn’t like?
  • What is the Armor of God? Is it real metal armor? Should it be used to injure others?
  • How can you use the power that God gives you (your “Armor of God”) to fight bad or unjust power?
  • What does it mean to have courage? To “speak truth to power”?
  • “Ta Da!” Failure Game — don’t let fear (of failure) keep you from enjoying, living and being brave!
  • Using our power for good: Come With Me by Holly M. McGhee and Pascal Lamaitre

FPCH 2021 Priorities

  • January 17th — Matthew 28:16–20 — “The Work”
    “Continue to become a faith community that takes the work of discipleship seriously and makes it central to our life together with a focus on faithfulness and obedience to Jesus”
  • January 24th — Ephesians 6:12 — “The Struggle”
    “Continue the struggle to become a multi-cultural anti-racist faith community”
  • January 31st — Amos 5:14–15 — “The Story”
    “Create shareable, powerful, impactful content on a regular basis. Create a prophetic imagination and a movement of “shalom” with our content
  • February 7th — John 13:12–17 — “The Knee”
    2021 Priority “Continue to create a faith family culture of service to one another and our community.
  • February 14th — Matthew 25:31–42 — “The House”
    2021 Priority “Provide good humanizing housing for those in need within our community”




Written by Lauren Gibbs-Beadle @firstpreskidshayward Children’s Ministries @firstpreshayward | educator, creative, parent | she/her

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First Pres Kids Hayward

First Pres Kids Hayward

Written by Lauren Gibbs-Beadle @firstpreskidshayward Children’s Ministries @firstpreshayward | educator, creative, parent | she/her

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