The Story || Why We Tell It || Amos 5:14–15

Living Word, from Art in the Christian Tradition, a project of the Vanderbilt Divinity Library, Nashville, TN. [retrieved January 26, 2021]. Original source: — Denise Carbonell.
  • “Kids Learning to Hear God’s Voice” — bear with me on this one… I don’t know, there’s something about this video that makes me squirm, but it makes me think: do I really believe (as I say I do) that God is speaking to us, our children? Or put differently: what is it about our society/understanding of God that makes us think kids can’t be in conversation with God? Were we as children? When did we stop and why?
  • What is a prophet?
  • What messages did the prophets in the Bible share from God?
  • Before Jesus, people in the times of the Old Testament believed they could not speak directly to God. But after Jesus, when God became human, we now know that we can speak to God and God can speak to us. God is in all things and can speak through all things. God made you. God is in you and works through you. Even if you’re not paying attention. What are ways you can pay attention? What are ways God speaks to you whether you are paying attention or not?!
  • Can you think back to a time that maybe you now realize God was speaking to you?
  • How do you know if a message comes from God? (What do we know to be true about God? What if the message doesn’t line up with that, is it from God?)
  • Maybe God hasn’t spoken to you yet (though I’m pretty sure God has) but God will one day. When you have received wisdom from God, what can you do with it?
  • Everyone has a story. And God is somewhere in that story of you and the people you know. What are ways you can tell your story? What are ways you can tell your story, what you have learned about life, about Jesus, without words? Can you share God’s story in you through your actions?
  • God works through you in all you do! Your work, your play, your quiet, your imagination! Make a story bag to practice telling stories, your story, God’s story —
  • Get silly and let the Holy Spirit play in YOU while you play “Poetry Ping Pong” (if you need to get active, use a ball or balloon to toss to the next person on their turn!)

FPCH 2021 Priorities

  • January 17th — Matthew 28:16–20 — “The Work”
    “Continue to become a faith community that takes the work of discipleship seriously and makes it central to our life together with a focus on faithfulness and obedience to Jesus”
  • January 24th — Ephesians 6:12 — “The Struggle”
    “Continue the struggle to become a multi-cultural anti-racist faith community”
  • January 31st — Amos 5:14–15 — “The Story”
    “Create shareable, powerful, impactful content on a regular basis. Create a prophetic imagination and a movement of “shalom” with our content
  • February 7th — John 13:12–17 — “The Knee”
    2021 Priority “Continue to create a faith family culture of service to one another and our community.
  • February 14th — Matthew 25:31–42 — “The House”
    2021 Priority “Provide good humanizing housing for those in need within our community”




Written by Lauren Gibbs-Beadle @firstpreskidshayward Children’s Ministries @firstpreshayward | educator, creative, parent | she/her

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First Pres Kids Hayward

First Pres Kids Hayward

Written by Lauren Gibbs-Beadle @firstpreskidshayward Children’s Ministries @firstpreshayward | educator, creative, parent | she/her

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