Advent Adventure || Second Sunday of Advent || Call Out

Photo top-down view of hiking supplies on a tabletop, words overlaid “Advent Adventure: Second Sunday of Advent”
  • What is something you fear? Or tell about a time you felt afraid.
  • Do you think fear is good or bad? Natural or not? Why do you think fear exists?
  • What have the adults in your lives told you about fear? About how to handle it?
  • Something new is happening soon on our Advent Adventure (the birth of Jesus and a new way of living!)It’s normal to feel afraid of something new. Even the angels told Mary and the shepherds “Do not be afraid!” But, you can also be brave like Mary, like John the Baptist, like the shepherds. What are things you can do to help you be brave?
  • Take an Advent Adventure Walk or just look out your window… use this tutorial for a “Five Senses Nature Walk”… keep an eye out for insects and other signs of animal life like in this video:
  • Make an insect from objects you find around the house. Here’s some examples:



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First Pres Kids Hayward

First Pres Kids Hayward


Written by Lauren Gibbs-Beadle @firstpreskidshayward Children’s Ministries @firstpreshayward | educator, creative, parent | she/her